Erica Smith is a versatile dancer from Beltsville, MD with extensive backgrounds in Hustle, West Coast Swing, and Ballet.  A World Professional Triple Threat Champion (Hustle, West Coast Swing and Salsa), Professional Just Hustle Champion, US Open Hand Dance Champion, and a successful All-Star/Professional West Coast Swing competitor, Erica is a brilliant dancer who guarantees to leave an impression on her audiences and her students. In 2007, TV Guide Magazine coined Erica the “Disco-Dancing Lawyer” after appearing on “So You Think You Can Dance.”  In 2010, Erica pioneered and co-choreographed the first ever Hustle Flash Mob which has been viewed more than 63,000 times.  The International Hustle Dance Association named Erica Smith a “New Pioneer” for her contribution to Hustle.  In 2016, Erica was inducted in the Disco America Hustle Hall of Fame. In addition to competing, Erica is very passionate about sharing her love of dance with her students.  Erica has won more than 15 Top Teacher awards since 2012.  A sought-after instructor, Erica travels to approximately 15 competitions and workshop weekends per year as an invited instructor, judge and performer.  Locally, Erica is the Director of JT Swing Teams DC -- a performance based West Coast Swing Team.  She can be found teaching weekly beginner and intermediate West Coast Swing lessons at Evolution Danz and at other local dances as a guest instructor. 


Stephen Jackson is a dance instructor and

Founder/Choreographer/Instructor/Performer at 

Stevie J Dance Productions


Robert Canlas is a Dedicated Dance Instructor eager to work with students of all skill levels. Successful at helping individuals, groups and couples to excel.Talented Dance Instructor specializing in American Style Ballroom Dancing and bringing twenty three something plus years as a dancer and teacher. Focused on correct posture, technique and core strength. Versatile Dance Instructor highly effective at making dance fun and engaging, while challenging students to try new styles and break out of comfort zones. Proficient in teaching beginner and intermediate level students.
• Posture understanding
• Class leadership
• Physically fit
• Safety awareness